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Do you have an obsession with MAC Addresses?

With NiftyMAC, you can detect and record the MAC addresses (together with their current IP address, date and time) of all devices on the network you are connected to.
NiftyMAC will record these for you in a local notepad file and also on the web with device Vendor lookup.

Imagine you have your laptop and you're in McDonalds, run the app and scan the network to see all devices connected.
The web log will show you the Vendor of the devices on the network you are connected to.

Example: You want to know if a MAC Address you have a note of is connected to the same network as you. Maybe you're in a bar, hotel, airport and you're connected to the free WiFi. NiftyMAC will scan and show you who else is connected. Another PC, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet etc...

Suggestions to improve this initial NiftyMAC release welcome.

Local Log

Web Log

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